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OME has pioneered effective solutions that not only incorporate customer needs, but also pursue innovative processes and enhance quality, while providing consistent results. We are committed to your efficient facility operations and maintenance through the use of your facility data and information systems. Few companies currently offer these bold answers to your facility management and data usage. OME is a partner in your business, focusing on your success. Consider OME your facility data scientists.

Progressive. Precise. Effective.

OME offers progressive solutions for today’s facility data. For over 20 years, we have built a reputation for providing precise, effective solutions to the facility automation and energy management system markets. Our strategic services are designed to enhance current infrastructure and operations, enabling visibility into every major system, and strategically managing the data to optimize operations for cost- and energy-saving results. OME supports mission-critical facilities including data processing, military operations, critical healthcare, telecommunication switching, financial transactions, manufacturing, utility services and laboratory research.

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